Trump Tweets Thank You To America For New Poll. There Are Only 2 Problems.

On Friday, the Twitter-happy presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump generously thanked America for choosing him over his Democratic challenger Hillary Clinton by posting polling results and slapping on an #AmericaFirst hashtag to his favorite social media network.

Yeah, two problems: The poll the billionaire tweeted actually shows him losing to Hillary. Oh, and it was conducted over a month ago, back when his numbers weren’t completely dismal.


The national poll was conducted by One America News Network on May 10, despite Trump's tweeted photo of the poll reading "June 16, 2016." According to their website, One National News Network only has national polling results from May of this year, and none from June.

Although it would be idiotic for Trump to knowingly tweet out results that show him losing to the former secretary of state, the Trump camp must have been aware that this poll is rather old.

As noted by National Review contributor Liam Donovan, the real estate mogul tweeted out another portion of this exact poll on May 14, in celebration of his lead over Hillary among Hispanics:

Looking at recent polling data, Trump finds himself in a heap of trouble. According to Real Clear Politics polling, Trump is trailing Hillary by 5.8 points. He also maintains huge unfavorable ratings among Independents, women, Hispanics, blacks, and Americans under 50 years of age, per recent Washington Post/ABC polling:

That said, it's still only June.


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