Remember that nurse who broke her quarantine in New Jersey and traveled to Maine where she proceeded to gallivant around on a bike with her boyfriend, even though she may have carried the deadly disease Ebola?

Well that careless nurse, Kaci Hickox, is back with a vengeance and suing the former Governor of New Jersey, now Presidential hopeful, Chris Christie for a quarter million dollars.

A nurse who was quarantined against her will inside a plastic tent in New Jersey after treating Ebola patients in West Africa filed a civil rights lawsuit against Governor Chris Christie on Thursday, her lawyer said.

Kaci Hickox is claiming in her lawsuit that Christie, now a Republican presidential candidate, unconstitutionally and unreasonably detained, isolated and quarantined her in October last year without a valid legal or medical reason.

Hickox, who became known in the media as the “Ebola nurse,” is seeking compensatory and punitive damages of at least $250,000, Siegel said.

The “Ebola Nurse” was extremely compassionate for those she risked her life to help in Africa, but that compassion somehow never made it back to the States. Her complete indifference toward the safety of those in this county was repulsive. Hickox did not have a cold, she had a disease that decimated populations in Africa back in 2014 when it first hit.

Thank God Hickox turned out to be Ebola-free. But if this negligent nurse did in fact carry the disease, a massive outbreak may have been the consequence. Ebola was most likely contained so well in the U.S. because we took basic precautions like quarantining, not starting a bike-a-thon-for those who may have carried the virus.

“This case is about liberty and freedom…it’s also about accountability, holding even governors accountable for their violations of citizens’ constitutional rights.” said Norman Siegel, Hickox’s attorney.


Contrary to popular opinion, our government is only responsible for providing services which preserve its citizens’ freedoms and safety, not for providing your child’s daycare, your birth control, abortion, income, college tuition or a new soccer field for our prisoners. In this situation, Christie demanded her quarantine in order to keep us safe and because of this, Hickox’s lawsuit in unlikely to garner much sympathy from any rational citizen and certainly not me.

But will her case win in the land of frivolous lawsuits? That’s a whole different ballgame.