CNN’s Sally Kohn, who lives in a hateful world where Judasim and Christianity produce the same percentage of terrorist attacks as Islam, and a world where the savage murder of scores of human beings in a Florida gay nightclub can be equated with transgenders’ bathroom issues, decided to tweet this on Monday in response to the Orlando massacre:

The response to Kohn’s insanity came quickly:

Kohn, famed for her hatred of Christianity, is openly lesbian, and as such, might have sympathized with the victims of the Orlando massacre enough to enable her to eschew her hatred long enough to note the murderer's religious identity, but apparently her hatred means more to her than reality. Last November, in one of her usual attacks on Christianity, she wrote, "So how is it that in the face of declining religiosity, we nonetheless find ourselves swept up in almost unprecedented magnitudes of religious struggle—from the brutality of Daesh (as ISIS hates being called) in Paris and throughout the Middle East, or the far less extreme yet still perpetual hostility of Christian fundamentalists toward the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community?” This is also the same woman who morally equates Hamas terrorism with Israel's military response.

Last October Kohn wrote, "Not strong position to critique Islamic radicals for treating women badly when your version of Christianity merely treats women less badly." Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro fired back in a tweet whose message it would behoove Kohn to emblazon in her overheated brain: