Leftist/Muslim Journalists And Celebrity Intellectuals Take To Twitter...

Left-wing and identity-driven Muslim journalists, reporters, and celebrity intellectuals are denying the connections between Islamic terrorism, Islam, and Muslims in the wake of Sunday's mass murder Islamic terrorist attack targeting LGBT persons at a gay nightclub in Orlando.

Below is a small sample of a broader online trend in which the usual suspects informally coordinate their political messaging campaigns to support Hillary Clinton's presidential ambitions, Democrats, and the broader leftist movement.

Neo-Marxist racial agitator Marc Lamont Hill is concerned about tweets he can use to push his victimhood narrative for selected groups.

Palestinian Muslim and professional anti-Zionist leftist engages in grievance-mongering for Muslims, denies the religious and ideological motivations of the mass murderer by claiming that he was not “religious,” and points to the Second Amendment as a problem.

Joyce Kallam of Saudi Arabia’s state-run Al-Arabiya did her part to obfuscate the religious and ideological dimensions of Orlando’s Islamic terrorist, indict an Israeli official for alleged cynical politicization of the attack, and push Muslim grievance mongering by casting her co-religionists as a race targeted by racism.

Celebrity Muslim “human rights lawyer” Arsalan Iftikhar decried all “hate crimes” targeting minorities as “terrorism.” By this definition, murdering non-minorities is not terrorism.

Homosexual socialist Glenn Greenwald is frustrated with speculation that a Muslim man named Omar Mateen shouting “Allahu Akbar!’ while murdering people at a gay bar might be presumed to be an Islamic terrorist.

White racial agitator Shaun King, who presents himself as black, sought to separate Omar Mateen from Islamic motivations.

Leftist Ezra Klein, co-founder of Vox, casts the mass murder in Orlando as part of a broader problem with “mass shootings” in order to decontextualize the attack from its connection to Islamic terrorism.

Homosexual racial agitator, professional riot coordinator, and George Soros beneficiary Deray Mckesson casts the Orlando attack as a function of the Second Amendment while ignoring its perpetrator's religious and ideological dimensions.

Muslim feminist Mona Eltahawy attacks Republicans for acknowledging the relationships between Islamic terrorism, Islam, and Muslims while calling for donors with higher risks of HIV/AIDS to be permitted to give blood.

Homosexual socialist and contributor to left-wing CNN Sally Kohn simplifies the paradigm while divorcing Islamic terrorism from Islamic doctrine.

Creative writing professor and celebrity Islamic intellectual Reza Aslan - who describes Jesus as a "Palestinian" - attacks Donald Trump and the Second Amendment.

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