An apparent domestic dispute near the baggage claim area at Love Field Airport in Dallas resulted in nine shots being fired. WFAA reports that the incident started when a man was attacking a woman in a vehicle; crimeblog.dallasnews reported that the man was believed to have been throwing large rocks at a car, prompting the shooting. Ray Williams told WFAA that the man threatened officers with a rock when he was asked to stand down. City of Dallas spokesperson Joe Torres, who was en route to the crime scene, told WFAA, “All I know is that it was a police incident in the baggage claim area.

A video posted on Instagram shows officers responding about 12:20 p.m. with their guns drawn, yelling at someone to stay down.

A black vehicle with smashed windows, with clothes and a rock nearby, was parked near Baggage Claim 3. There were no reports of injuries to any officers. Mark Duebner, Dallas’ director of aviation, said that just prior to 1 p.m. the entire airport had to be emptied, because some passengers had fled past the TSA security checkpoint.

Duebner stated:

Right now we’re going to have to empty the terminal, sweep it to make sure it’s empty and rescreen them. It doesn’t take too long to get people out of the airport. It’s a question of how long it will take TSA to get everyone rescreened. We’re also working to get at least two of the baggage carousals operational. We’ll segregated the area where the incident happened, and keep people away from that area.” Duebner said officials wanted to have the airport “operational” by 2 p.m.

Video here.