Imam Leading Ali Funeral Has Record Of Anti-Americanism And Anti-Semitism

The imam leading the two-day funeral service for famed boxer Muhammad Ali, Imam Zaid Shakir, said that Ali wanted his funeral to be used as a “teaching moment.” Dawud Walid from the Council on American-Islamic Relations echoed, "In a political climate in which Islamophobia is front and center, his funeral will counterpunch the ridiculous notion that being a good Muslim and a good American are at odds."

But if Shakir were to be consistent with what he’s been preaching for the two decades or so, viewers would get a dose of anti-Americanism and anti-Semitism that has nothing to do with coexistence and everything to do with reasons for Islamophobia.

In a 1993 article entitled "Muslim Involvement in the American Political Process," Shakir opined that Islam presents an "absolutist political agenda, writing:

The relevant point for Muslims is that Islam presents an absolutist political agenda, or one which doesn't lend itself to compromise, nor to coalition building. The Islamic world view presents the world as a place where there is a struggle between forces which are diametrically opposed to each other … Truth opposes falsehood. Allah's true din challenges the false beliefs and systems innovated by man. The Qur'an gives no indication that a compromise is possible between these forces.

In a December 2004 speech in Toronto, Shakir fulminated:

Allah doesn't love oppressors. And less so here, but here it's relevant, but more so in my country in the United States. We have a responsibility to warn those in power. And that's Jihad. If you talk about jihad [Arabic] – the best jihad is a word of truth in the face of a tyrannical ruler. That if you don't stop this oppression, if you don't stop murdering people unnecessarily, if you don't stop erasing cities like Fallujah off the face of the earth, if you don't stop contaminating lands for the rest of possible life on this earth, with depleted uranium. This is a sinister, backdoor use of atomic weapons … And if these wrongs and many others aren't corrected you don't have to worry about al Qaeda … You have to worry about Allah.

Referring to the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, in which six people were murdered by Muslims, Shakir said:

Considering the available information, it is the view of some observers, that the WTC bombing was undertaken by Zionist forces to give proof to their allegations concerning the magnitude of 'Islamic fundamentalist' terrorism, and as a pretext to intensify their anti-Islamic propaganda campaign in the US media … The recent bombing of the World Trade Center (WTC), has produced anti-Islamic elements in this country and an opportunity to launch a vicious propaganda campaign against Islam and Muslims. This campaign has been so calculating that one immediately suspects it could not have arisen accidentally.

In a 2005 sermon, "Jihad: Just War or Unjust Violence," Shakir argued that Hizballah's 1983 truck bombing of U.S. Marine barracks in Lebanon was not a terrorist act:

On the other hand, the bombing of Hizballah, Hizballah's bombing of the marine barracks in 1984 (sic) is viewed as one of the greatest acts of terrorism directed against Americans, until Oklahoma City, in history. But if we step back, who was targeted? Civilians? No, military personnel in a military installation in a war zone. And it's interesting to ask a question: If Hizballah owned a bomber, which they don't, and flew overhead and bombed the barracks, would it be described as terrorism.

Shakir penned an article about Muslim involvement in the political process in which he wrote:

As the Christians and Jews of this country have rejected the divine law and created their own secular system of rule, the legal and political system of America is sinful and constitutes open rebellion against Allah. For a Muslim to join with the Jews and Christians in this system is to join them in their rebellion against Allah. Allah explicitly orders against this.

So much for counterpunching "the ridiculous notion that being a good Muslim and a good American are at odds."

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