If Radical Islam and Gender Dysphoria Had a Child, It Would Look Like This.

The moment we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, folks. The left’s two greatest obsessions have successfully merged into one: radical Islam and gender dysphoria.

30-year-old Sumayyah Dawud, a former male-identifying customer service employee, converted to Islam in 2013 after allegedly transforming from male to female in 2011. Dawud takes pride in being a “radical Islamist” on Dawud’s Facebook page and is involved in activism against both Islamophobia and trans-homophobia.

Dawud told The Daily Wire that Dawud had turned to Islam because of a belief in its teachings and practices.

After being kicked out of the women’s section of a mosque in Tempe, Arizona earlier this year, Dawud uploaded a video to YouTube in which Dawud discussed how officials at the Islamic Cultural Center had disgraced Dawud by asking Dawud for anatomical proof of Dawud’s womanhood. Nedal Fayad, the chairman at the ICC at Tempe, threatened to place a restraining order on Dawud after Dawud persisted in returning to the women’s section of the mosque without sufficient medical and legal proof of a biological sex transformation.

“Actually, I'm a transgender woman,” Dawud said. “I was assigned male at birth but had a gender condition. I am a woman and the medical community considers me to be female and my legal government documentation also confirms this."

Dawud had clashed with the Phoenix Police in a separate encounter when they had allegedly made Dawud remove Dawud’s head and face coverings while arresting Dawud, in order to confirm Dawud’s biological sex. Dawud had filed a religious discrimination lawsuit against the PPD, requesting representation from CAIR-AZ’s local attorney Liban Yousuf. After Yousuf was notified that the woman he had been representing, in a religious discrimination case for head and face coverings, was still an untransformed biological male, he sent a letter to Dawud saying that CAIR was “severing the relationship.”

Fayad told Phoenix’s New Times that he would have defended Dawud if Dawud had provided the paperwork needed to prove that Dawud was biologically female. But that would have been impossible to assert without the paperwork, as Dawud was unwilling to expose any part of Dawud’s body apart from her eyes and hands, let alone sex-identifying physical features.

“The first time I sat down with her, I asked, 'Are you male? Are you female? What's the story?'” Fayad related to the New Times. “She said she could provide medical proof that she's female, and I said, 'Beautiful. If you can prove you're female, I'll have your back.'"

“I never made my transition a matter for public discussion when I entered the community as it was a matter of medical privacy to be disclosed on a need to know basis,” Dawud said to The Daily Wire, upset that Fayad had allegedly disrespected Dawud’s request for privacy.

Dawud finally filed an official complaint against CAIR with the Arizona Bar Association on October 15.

Asked why Dawud would convert to Islam despite not being accepted by the Islamic community, Dawud responded that it “isn't a problem with Islam itself.”

Despite many misconceptions, Islam does accept both transgender and intersex people and there are fatwas (rulings) recently as well as centuries ago that permit transgender women into female-only spaces as well as allow male-to-female transgender people to transition. Transphobia (fear and lack of acceptance of transgender people) exists among Muslims mainly due to cultural prejudices and misunderstanding.

Dawud has finally done what the left has been trying to do for years: provide a sensible explanation for why the LGBT community supports radical Islam while Islamic dictatorial countries around the world punish them by brutal death. It was all a misunderstanding.


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