Now we know what three of Barack Obama’s favorite movies are: The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, and the TV movie, Doomsday Prophecy.

We know because just as those movies described the submersion of New York City causing its destruction, Obama posits the same bleak future, all because of global warming.

Obama just loves fiction.

Obama said during a fundraiser in New York City:

The majority of American people are going to want to invest in science and research to cure diseases and to make sure that our economy stays vibrant and innovative. And the majority of people believe in things like science — and scientists. And so when scientists tell us that the planet is getting warmer and we need to do something about it, the majority of people think that's a good idea, let's do something about that, because we don’t want Manhattan to be underwater.

Whether or not you think Manhattan should be underwater, the likelihood of that eventuating in reality is so ridiculous that Obama submerges his chances of sounding like a rational human being even propounding such a theory.

Of course, apocalyptic predictions of the drowning of Manhattan have been around for years; In 2008, on Good Morning America in 2008, ABC correspondent Bob Woodruff breathlessly hyped Earth 2100, an ABC special that posited what life would be like in 2015. Some of the predictions: One carton of milk: $12.99." Gas: over $9 a gallon." And most frighteningly, one expert warned that in 2015 New York City would be engulfed in water. GMA co-anchor Chris Cuomo was impressed, stating, "I think we're familiar with some of these issues, but, boy, 2015? That's seven years from now. Could it really be that bad?"

Actually, no. But don’t tell that to climate change fanatics, one of whom appears to be President Obama. He has been fostering the climate change agenda for years.

But contrary to the assertion that the climate change agenda and suppositions have been confirmed by scientists across the world, there is no unanimity on the subject, and indeed, a strong case can be made against the climate change fanatics.

The best and most comprehensive case against the climate change agenda ever penned can be found here