New Anti-Gun Control Ads Focus On Women, Transgenders

Amid a series of aggressive moves by California legislators to further strip Second Amendment rights from citizens, a pro-gun group has launched a series of television ads to push back against the most wide-reaching of the anti-gun measures: mandatory background checks for the purchase of ammo.

California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom (who is gearing up to run for governor in 2018) is spearheading a new massive gun control measure called the "Safety for All Act" that would require background checks for purchasing ammo and ban high-capacity magazines currently grandfathered under existing law. In response, the newly formed pro-gun group Coalition for Civil Liberties has launched a campaign to expose the "ammo grab" as unconstitutional and dangerous for the citizens of California. The bill, the group argues, will "render your firearms useless," "extort you into paying unnecessary fees," "criminalize millions of law-abiding Californians," and "divert law enforcement resources."

The first anti-ammo video released by CCL focuses on women and the role guns play in their self-defense. The 30-second television ad shows a woman assaulted by a man as she approaches her car in a parking garage. She manages to pull her handgun from her purse and raise it at the man, only to find it has disappeared from her hand. The ad ends with the simple statement, "Take Away Our Rights, Take Away Our Life."

CCL's next ad (to be released Wednesday) is going to depict a similar self-defense situation, but this time featuring a transgender victim.

“Because Gavin [Newsom]’s latest proposal goes too far and tramples on personal freedoms, he has opened up a real opportunity for those of us who believe in more civil liberties,” conservative Richard Grenell, who is heading up the campaign, told TIME. “Gavin is losing the traditional Democrat coalitions like women, the working class and the LGBT community who are challenging the progressive idea that the government should be the center of our lives."

On CCL's "Stop The Ammo Grab" site, the group provides quotes from the California State Sheriffs' Association, the LA Deputy District Attorney, among others, opposing Newsom's "deceptive" measure. The pro-Second Amendment group stresses the constitutional violations, expense, and potential criminal ramifications of the "Safety For All" law:


The law would force you to submit to seizure of your legally-purchased magazines, your constitutionally-protected private property, by the government. This would render millions of firearms unusable, a violation of your Second Amendment rights.


California would extort you into paying unnecessary fees and cause long wait times to purchase ammunition, a move designed to strip you of your ability to use your legal firearms. This would also make California the only state to require point-of-sale registration of ammunition.


The law would criminalize millions of law-abiding Californians and discourage cooperation with law enforcement instead of supporting our brave officers in the fight for law and order.

A couple of weeks ago, the California Senate passed eight gun control measures that even further tighten restrictions in the country's already most gun-restrictive state. Here's a summary of the new measures:

  • Revising the definition of "assault weapon" to include rifles that have ammunition clips that can be taken out at the press of a button.
  • Magazines holding more than 10 rounds will be banned.
  • Crime victims have to report any lost or stolen guns within five days.
  • Establishing a University of California research center to conjure phony gun-control studies.
  • People need a serial number approved by the state before assembling their own gun.
  • People have to pass a background check in order to buy ammunition.
  • People can only lend firearms to family members or hunters with a license.
  • Gun theft will become a felony.

H/t Jazz Shaw

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