Speaker Paul Ryan has a drug problem, says Paul Nehlen, a self-described entrepreneur and inventor who is running against the former vice-presidential candidate in Wisconsin’s first district.

“Cheap Mexican heroin? It’s killing Americans in record numbers,” says Nehlen as he walks through the Rio Grande in a campaign ad. “I want to keep the cartels from killing our kids.”

Under a section of his website entitled, “Paul Ryan’s Betrayal,” Nehlen states that Ryan has sold out his own district’s manufacturing base by supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

“Approximately 83 percent of Paul Ryan’s campaign funding comes from outside of Wisconsin’s 1st District. And of that 83 percent, 65 percent of his funding comes straight from Washington, D.C. and Alexandria, Virginia,” states Nehlen’s website, describing Ryan as an “establishment politician.”

Mexican drug cartels are fueling gang-related murders in Chicago, according to the heads of the Chicago Crime Commission and the Chicago office of the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

“Chicago is somewhat of a distribution point for all Mexican cartels - and that’s who’s bringing up the heroin to that particular area,” said Jim Bohn, assistant special agent in charge of Drug Enforcement Administration in Milwaukee.

Authorities have also linked heroin trafficked into the US by Mexican drug cartels with increases in homicides in St. Louis, Baltimore and Philadelphia.

Nehlen is casting Ryan as ineffective at bolstering security at the Mexican-American border, which he argues contributes to a greater degree of murder and other violent crime stateside as a result of drug cartel infiltration.

Ryan has held his congressional seat for 17 years, with his next primary election scheduled for August 9 of this year.

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