NPR: Aborting Female Babies is Discriminatory

Ever since a series of undercover videos were released on Planned Parenthood’s shocking fetal body parts trade, NPR has been one of the major news networks who's rushed to its defense. The network has run "fact check" stories attempting to debunk criticisms directed at the reproductive health organization, used religion to emphasize to the public that abortion as a sin can be forgiven, and suggested, by quoting from an audio clip of Democratic Rep. Gerald Conolly’s words at Richards’ House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform hearing, that Republicans’ attacks on Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards were "disrespectful and misogynist."

It is no secret that NPR champions abortions and will do so on behalf of "women’s rights," as the pro-"choice" community has been doing for years. But their stance on abortion is also what makes their newest column "Where the Girls Are (And Aren’t): #15Girls" so bewildering.

The #15Girls column discusses widespread discrimination against girls across the globe, using census data maps and surveys to prove that while women are generally healthier and have higher life expectancy, the number of men in the world exceeds the number of women.

This lopsided ratio of men to women can be contributed to one major issue, the column says: abortion of female babies.

According to the column, higher rates of aborting female babies over male babies as performed regularly in countries such as China and India is an issue, but not because of it involves murder; it is an issue because it implies that discrimination against women still exists.

"The discrimination happens at every point in their lives," the column reads. "In some cases, it starts even before they're born, when parents decide to abort a pregnancy if the fetus is female."

Discrimination… before they’re born.

Wow. Is NPR acknowledging that fetuses are human beings deserving of equal rights? Surely this must be a typo, as NPR has gone to great lengths in the past to emphasize the importance of using fetal cells in embryonic stem cell research and quoting that "the work can be done ethically."

The Daily Wire reach out to NPR via their website, as well as the contributing columnist, John Poole, via Twitter, to find out. Neither have responded.

The #15Girls column only criticizes abortion as a social justice issue over a moral one, lamenting the fact that "on average, about 105 boys are born worldwide for every 100 girls."

Of course, the column also stresses that the "relatively progressive" U.S. "has a lower percentage of women in Congress than both China and Pakistan do in their national assemblies." In other words, to progressives the United States is still more sexist than unborn-baby-girl-killing countries.

And of course, abortion is only an issue when it does not equally plague both males and females. Because murder is not the emphasized issue here; equality is.

Consider the girls who were never born.

An interview featuring Stanford linguistics professor Penny Eckerts was published by NPR recently, in which Eckerts whined that people "are busy policing women's language and nobody is policing older or younger men's language.” The moral of the story as presented on NPR was that women’s voices are being criticized more than men’s voices, and that “women shouldn't have to change their voices to suit society.”

The double standard at NPR is glaring. While NPR continues to advertise its platform for women’s rights, it publishes nothing on behalf of men’s rights, and certainly not human life in general. And while it can be argued that NPR does care about some humans as inferred from Poole’s column, it is undeniably driven by a progressive political agenda to pander feminist ideals and has nothing to do with any moral value on human life.

NPR is the fake female friend that a woman best avoid.


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