HOW MUCH Did Hillary's Wardrobe Cost? WHAT?!

It’s no secret that Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton hypocritically uses class warfare to her benefit, frequently vilifying the wealthy and Wall Street, while simultaneously being a card-carrying member of the elite. She disingenuously paints herself as a fighter for the middle class, as a true “woman of the people”—not that anyone actually buys this routine.

Well, yeah, this “woman of the people” will reportedly spend at minimum a whopping $200,000 on a new high-end wardrobe during her presidential bid. For example, while giving her New York Primary victory speech in April, Hillary rocked a $12,495 tweed jacket designed by Italian fashion icon Giorgio Armani. Just like any other middle class, working woman would wear.

Still, even being fully aware of how fake Hillary truly is, this new look does seem out of her character. For instance, when you think of Hillary Clinton, you generally don't think high fashion. Instead, those infamously masculine and practical pantsuits occupying every color of the rainbow might come to mind.

Apparently that’s all changing: Hillary’s uber-expensive, high-end tweed jacket isn’t an anomaly, but a sign of a broader change in the Democrat's wardrobe to make her appear more "relatable," something she struggles with severely.

The New York Post reports: “[Hillary’s] upgraded the designers she wears, opting for high-end European labels, and hired a team of image experts that include former Michelle Obama aide Kristina Schake, who’s been tasked with shaping her style and making her more relatable. She’s even rumored to have ‘Veep’ makeup artist Barbara Lacy on the payroll.”

Political style blogger from the DC-area Christina Logothetis says that Hillary is moving "away from those monochromatic pantsuits," instead, "looking much more pulled-together." Logothetis added that this "was a really necessary refresh.”

Some other pricey, high-fashion get-ups worn by Mrs. Clinton recently include "a custom-made blue silk Ralph Lauren suit worn to last year’s campaign kickoff on Roosevelt Island (similar styles of the jacket sell for $2,200 and up), a blue beaded coat by Andrew Gn donned at a New York City fundraiser on March 2 (similar styles by the designer sell for $3,000 and up at Bergdorf Goodman), and a tailored black suit custom-made by Susanna Beverly Hills sported at a Knoxville, Iowa, campaign rally on Jan. 25 (the label’s suits start at $6,000)," notes the Post.

$200,000 is obviously an insane amount of dough for a new wardrobe, particularly that $12,495 designer jacket. Of course, this could all be excusable as something all candidates participate in to get the edge politically—that is, if Hillary actually owned up to her wealth and rejected engagement in class warfare. But she doesn’t. Thus, the ridicule is completely legitimate.


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