Why Do So Many Americans Ignore Trump's Racism? Because The Left Ignores Democratic Racism Regularly.

Over the past week, Donald Trump has said racist and religiously bigoted things repeatedly. It is indeed racist to use ethnicity as a proxy for ideology or behavior: just because someone is of Mexican extraction, for example, does not mean they are incapable of being unbiased on a federal bench. There are plenty of reasons Trump could have complained about Judge Gonzalo Curiel: he’s an Obama appointee; he’s associated with the La Raza Lawyers Association, which routinely stumps for the rights of “undocumented” immigrants. Instead, Trump attacked Curiel as a “Mexican” even though he was born in Indiana.

The media, predictably and rightly, went nuts.

Completely unnoticed, meanwhile, Democratic presidential contender Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-Loonbaggia) tweeted this:

Hillary Clinton also uses this type of language. Both Sanders and Hillary have suggested that systemic racism infuses our police culture – even though neither can provide statistical evidence that innocent minorities are being jailed or shot disproportionately by racist police officers. Barack Obama has, of course, done the same – and he has utilized his Justice Department to destroy police departments across the country on the basis of race. Suggesting that officers are incapable of policing communities of different races because they are white is racist – just as racist as suggesting that federal judges cannot rule properly because of their race.

But the media tolerate racism of the left while targeting it on the right.

This is one of the reasons that so many Trump supporters are willing to overlook his racist statements. They figure, correctly, that the left has no ground upon which to stand when it lectures us on race. They’re willing to grant Trump a pass because the press has granted Democrats a pass on their racism for decades. In fact, there’s a tendency among a subset of Trump supporters to tut-tut or even cheer white racism as a justifiable response to anti-white racism.

America is becoming more racially tribal. Trump is merely a symptom of that fact. But that tribalization began with the left – and it will continue thanks to the left.

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