Rick Perry Graphically Describes How He Thinks A Hillary/Trump Debate Will Go. It’s Kind Of Gross.

Asked what would happen in a debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, former Texas governor Rick Perry had a unique perspective, iterating that Trump would “peel her skin off.”

Perry started by asserting, “We’ll see again, a real fracture, we’ll see a real exposure, you’ll see an individual that’s not been used to taking that type of criticism. I mean, what’s it been, months and months since she’s even had a press conference, does not want to take hard questions from the media. Donald Trump will peel her skin off in a debate setting and actually, he’ll peel it off this evening out in San José as well."

Perry continued:

And the people of this country are really concerned about an individual, when you have Benghazi, when you have the email scandals, when you have the Clinton Foundation scandals, you wanna talk about issues that really cut to the real heart of Washington D.C. and the insiders that Bill and Hillary Clinton represent; Donald Trump understands what the American people are really tuned in to today, and all of these attacks that we saw, or we heard her talk about today, I think it’s just off the skin of the duck, I mean, off the back of the duck, it’s just water that’s just flowing out of her that’s not having any impact.

Perry’s come a long way since last July, after Trump ripped Senator John McCain for not being a hero. At that time, Perry eviscerated Trump, saying, "It matters that we have a commander in chief that respects what those individuals have done. I still stand by my statement. Until Mr. Trump apologizes directly to John McCain, and also to the veterans of this country, I don't think he has the character or the temperament to hold the highest position in this country." He added, "Ee're seeing the real Donald Trump now. We're seeing an individual who's more interested in throwing invectives and this hyperbolic rhetoric out there, rather than laying out solutions,"

Video of the “peel the skin” remarks below:


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