WATCH: CNN's Kohn Loses Her Mind Over Stay-At-Home Moms

“[Donald Trump] has a pattern of sexist statements, and you can’t defend them!” shrieked an apoplectic Sally Kohn on Thursday, during a segment on left-wing CNN’s OutFront.

Distressed over statements made by Donald Trump in 1994 television interview in which the real estate mogul shared his expectation that his then wife Ivana Trump prepare dinner in the evenings, Kohn obnoxiously and arrogantly condescended to Kayleigh McEnany, a supporter of Trump’s and CNN colleague.

Citing a 2014 Pew Research survey, anchor Erin Burnett noted that 60% of Americans believed that a stay-at-home mother is better for the rearing of children than a working mother. 35% of respondents thought there was no meaningful difference in the upbringing of a child between working and stay-at-home mothers.

McEnany pointed to Hillary Clinton’s 1992 “cookies and tea” comments (viewable below), when as first lady she seemingly disparaged women who - at least temporarily - put child-rearing ahead of professional development.

Kohn hysterically cast Trump as a woman-hating sexist who opposed having women in the workforce.

“[Clinton’s] entire career has been about helping women and men and their families!” shouted Kohn.

Mark Preston - Executive Director of CNN Politics - described Trump’s comments about his wife preparing dinner as “outrageous" while presenting himself as an objective political analyst.

CNN has not produced any segments examining Clinton’s appeal among men.

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