Man Beats To Death Infant. Then His Cellmate Beats HIM To Death.

A man serving a life sentence for second degree murder - convicted of beating his 7-month-old son to death - was himself beaten to death in prison by his cellmate.

Daniel Wilson, 35, was killed by his cellmate Brandon Kulhanek, 38. Kulhanek is now facing first-degree murder charges for the killing, which took place at the Potosi Correctional Center in Missouri on October 14 of last year.

Daniel Wilson in a 2010 mugshot

brandon Kulhanek

Wilson died in Washington County Hospital shortly after being rushed there for treatment following Kulhanek’s attack. The autopsy determined that he had sustained injuries to his head, throat, and body, dying due to a crushed larynx.

Kulhanek apparently expressed his desires to assault a fellow inmate during a phone call to a woman, believed to be his mother, saying it would help him get transferred to another prison.

“As soon as I get out of here, I’m beating the f*** out of him,” said Kulhanek, according to court documents.

Kulhanek had been serving an 18-year-sentence for assault and other charges.

Wilson killed his infant son in 2010, fracturing his baby’s skull. The infant died of severe brain injuries.

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