Feminism Murdered Chivalry: New Poll Shows Men Want Women Drafted Into The Military

In the latest proof that modern feminism harms women, a new poll shows that a broad majority of men say that women should be drafted into the military. Fully 61 percent of men believe that women should be drafted, against only 27 percent opposing; just 40 percent of women believe they should be drafted. Presumably, there are more females who identify as feminists than men. So the question becomes: why is it that feminism only runs way – in favor of special laws favoring women when it comes to issues like child care and maternity, but against equality of law with regard to the draft?

Men used to understand that one of the main hallmarks of masculinity was the protection and defense of women. Despite feminist harpies shrieking on about how women don’t need protection, treatment of females around the world demonstrates just how dire life is for women when they’re not protected by men. Men used to take pride in this. They used to believe that building a family and protecting their wife and children made you a man.

Now, all that makes you a man is your penis. Well, not even that, since the transgender movement has declared that biological women can be men, too.

In fact, there is no such thing as manhood in the left’s brave new world – other than blaming men for violence or saying that we need a female president in fully self-contradictory fashion.

So why wouldn’t men buy in?

In this brave new world, the great beneficiary are men who don’t wish to abide by traditional standards of masculinity. They don’t want the burden of raising children? And equality of the sexes suggests that have no such burden! Women are independent enough to get abortions or raise children on their own. They don’t want the burden of protecting and defending a wife? Well, they don’t have to, since marriage is a patriarchal institution. They don’t want the burden of protecting women across society by exempting them from the military draft? Well, good news: the left has declared that women should be drafted and then siphoned into combat units, even if that means lowering the physical standards for service.

The left can’t complain about men wanting to draft women so long as they keep proclaiming that equality of the sexes requires sameness of the sexes – or worse, if they keep saying that sex itself doesn’t exist. And there are plenty of men who are willing to take advantage of that rather convenient argument.


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