The Top 7 Moments From The Libertarian Party Debate

Over Memorial Day weekend the Libertarian Party held a debate that while largely unnoticed by the general public, still managed to give viewers several memorable moments. Here are the top seven moments from the debate.

1. Stonegait CEO Austin Petersen explains the difference between libertarians and conservatives. "Libertarians are fiscally conservative and socially whatever you want provide it you don't force it on anyone else. And culture, generally conservatives tend to believe that government should enforce morality on society. This is distinct from libertarianism. You should be put to do with it as you please provided you harm no one else and the government should stay out of our personal lives."

2. Cybersecurity pioneer John McAfee vents the frustration of the average American voter. "I have lived through 14 presidential elections. Whether Democrats or Republicans have gotten in, my life has been worse. There has been more government control. I have lost my freedom and my privacy. My taxes have gone up. To me, I don't care. I want to know who the wizard is behind the curtain that creates these clowns we are voting for."

3. Petersen jokes about Trump and Sanders. "I would like to build a wall around Donald Trump and make Bernie Sanders pay for it. It truly is frightening to see what has become of our nation when a man who is truly the definition of a fascist sits at the top of the Republican presidential ticket. The forces of darkness are on the march in the United States and only the Libertarian Party can save us. We will stand united against the forces of populist nationalism because nationalism is only ever a means to an end, not the end itself. If nationalism leads to individual rights then it is useful. But the founding fathers knew in the course of human events it becomes necessary for us to list the causes of our separation, we must have a revolution. And if Donald Trump wins the nomination, we should revolt!"

4. Former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson said he didn't know if he would have intervened in World War I or World War II. His whole answer was nothing more than "I don't know" when asked if he would intervene in either war. It was a study in Libertarian foreign policy illiteracy.

5. Petersen doesn't think roads will be necessary in the future because everyone will be flying around with jet packs. No seriously, that's what he said: "Where we're going, we don't need roads. Because the truth is that in the future we will have a jet pack. The statists are unimaginative. They don't see a future where freedom can solve the problems that are created by government."

6. Dr. Martin Feldman provides a witty quote on universal healthcare. "I support universal healthcare. People should care about their own health universally."

7. Feldman's closing statement featured an epic rap that needs to be seen to give it proper justice. Petersen clearly loved it as well.

Partial transcript via CSPAN.


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