Prager University’s Elisha Krauss Breaks Down America’s Love For Abortion

Many are under the impression that secular and progressive Western Europe is much more liberal with its access to abortion than the United States; surely, Americans are stronger protectors of life than counties like Germany and France.

But this simply is untrue. As Prager University's Elisha Krauss points out. "American Progressives look to Western Europe as the model of what America should be," says Krauss, but when it comes to abortion--an area where the American Left far outflanks Europe--progressives ignore Westerns Europe's model.

They shouldn't.

"Western Europeans -- as progressive and secular as they are -- have a much more conservative attitude about abortion than American Progressives do," says the conservative radio host.

"In Germany, nearly all abortions are illegal after 12 weeks," she says, adding that "there is a three-day waiting period and mandatory counseling before a woman is allowed to have an abortion, even during the permitted first 12 weeks. That’s more restrictive than Texas."

Krauss continues: "In Belgium, like Germany, abortions are permissible only until the 12th week. After that an abortion is permitted only if the woman’s life is in danger. Furthermore, any woman getting an abortion must wait six days after her first medical consultation before an abortion can be performed."

Denmark and France also have a slew of restrictions after 12 weeks of development, explains Krauss. Even socialist Sweden only "allows abortions until the 18th week of pregnancy, and bans most after the 22nd week. In that four week 'gray' period, a woman can get an abortion, but only if it is approved by the National Board of Health and Welfare."

The Netherlands, too, has restrictive measures in place: "Before having an abortion a woman has to wait five days and attend a counseling session in which she must be informed of the different options available to her, including taking the pregnancy to term and giving her baby up for adoption. A minor under the age of 18 cannot have an abortion at any time unless she has the consent of her parents," says the conservative.

Taking all the restrictions on abortion from Western Europe into consideration, the United States' love for abortion becomes frighteningly evident.

In all 50 states, a woman can abort her baby before the 20th week of the pregnancy. Only "11 states prohibit abortions after the 20th week of pregnancy. 20 states prohibit abortions at the point of viability, which is when a baby can survive outside the womb," explains Krauss. "3 states prohibit abortion after the 28th week, And 7 states plus Washington, D.C. allow abortions to be performed at any point in a pregnancy -- even if the mother could safely give birth to a viable and healthy baby."

Krauss argues, "Europeans seem to recognize that abortion is a complex moral issue; that ending a life after a certain point in a pregnancy does not reflect well on a society" so "why is it so hard for American Progressives to recognize the same?"

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