Valerie Jarrett Says Obama Accomplishments Include ‘Ending Two Wars.’ False.

In a “60 Minutes” broadcast on Sunday, top White House advisor and longtime Obama confidante Valerie Jarrett suggested that “ending two wars” could be listed as the president’s foremost accomplishment. Obamacare was also mentioned as a boon for the Obama legacy.

With insurance premiums skyrocketing and the jihadist militants running roughshod in the Middle East, Jarrett’s assessment of her boss’ performance is far from truthful.

That’s an understatement. She’s shamelessly lying.

Ironically, Jarrett’s interview aired at exactly the same time the US launched an operation to kill a senior Taliban commander.

For months now, American fighter jets have provided air cover for Iraqi commandos on the ground in hopes of chipping away at ISIS territory. More poignantly, the Obama administration has re-deployed troops to Iraq and Afghanistan, while sending special ops forces and advisors to Syria.

In October, President Obama announced his plan to leave nearly 5,500 U.S. troops in Afghanistan until early 2017. The plan will maintain the current levels of armed forces until shortly after the end of Obama’s presidency. The can will be kicked down the road, so that the next presidential administration can deal with the fall-out of a failed Obama foreign policy doctrine.

There have already been American casualties on the battlefront. In early May, a US Navy SEAL was killed in Iraq after 100 ISIS commandos conducted a “coordinated and complex attack” on a Kurdish Peshmerga stronghold. The Navy SEAL was on assignment advising Peshmerga forces at the time of the attack. The SEAL is the third combat casualty since the US deployed forces in Iraq nearly a year and a half ago.

Corpses don’t lie. The United States is still at war on multiple fronts, despite the Obama administration’s duplicitous word games.

“Jarrett’s comments would be news to our military. The president declared he was pulling out American troops from Iraq in 2011, only to send over 4,000 soldiers back,” writes Town Hall’s Cortney O'Brien. “Meanwhile, we are launching thousands of airstrikes against ISIS and assisting Iraqi forces in their new effort to retake the important city of Fallujah.”

Disconnected from reality, Obama’s minions still propagate the lie that the messianic 43rd president gloriously ended all wars and ushered an era of Pax Americana.

If only that were true.


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