The transgender debate has swept the nation. The swift government takeover has left conservatives pushing back rhetorically, but now, with the latest overreaching federal edict announced by President Obama on Friday, GOP representatives are refusing to capitulate, calling for civil disobedience instead.

Bathrooms and locker-rooms in public schools must now be open to subjectively-claimed “gender identity” rather than biology, say the guidelines put out by the Department of Education on Friday. Schools which choose not to comply are threatened with lawsuits and federal funding can be revoked.

GOP Iowa Congressman Steve King is calling for “civil disobedience” in light of such guidelines. “We should call for civil disobedience here,” King told Iowa radio host Simon Conway on Tuesday. “And there’s no reason for us to follow an unconstitutional edict from the president, who is on his way out the door.”

Continuing, King explained that the guidelines were a clear overreach of federal power and that those involved “need to find more things to do.”

“More personnel needed to find more things to do and that is the root of this school policy or where Obama got it from,” he said. “So we’re going to explore that more fully. I need to be more astute at how movements begin — the genesis of these kinds of policies — so that we can go find them before they proliferate and become contagious across the countryside.”

Adding to the pushback, Republican Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick blasted Obama’s mandate, and directed Texas public schools, for the time being, not to comply.

Texas “will not yield to blackmail from the president of the United States,” he emphatically stated. The federal government can keep their "30 pieces of silver,” he added.

"This goes against the values of so many people," said Patrick. "This has everything to do with keeping the federal government out of local issues."

The Republican added that such an order would ruin public schools. "This will be the end of public education, if this prevails," said Patrick. "People will pull their kids out, homeschooling will explode, private schools will increase."

"This is a hill to die on, and if the sane states don't fight back on this one, we might as well just completely surrender the republic today.'

David Limbaugh

Beyond elected Republican officials calling for civil disobedience via non-compliance, influential conservatives have echoed the sentiment.

Conservative columnist David Limbaugh penned a piece for Town Hall asserting that Obama’s public school trans “edict” is a “hill to die on”:

Folks, there has to be a tipping point -- a point at which we'll no longer tolerate this kind of tyranny, even if it means the states' forgoing blood money from the federal leviathan.

This is a hill to die on, and if the sane states don't fight back on this one, we might as well just completely surrender the republic today. It's either that or eventually seeing the people rise up in a way we haven't witnessed for many years.

Mr. Limbaugh explained that the push from Obama, and the Left at large, was not about “rights” or “discrimination” at all, but, rather, a fierce power grab. “Obama administration obviously cares not a whit for the privacy of students who don't want to be forced to share a restroom with students of the opposite sex,” writes the conservative. “The rights of the many will be subordinated to the rights of the very, very few -- not to protect the rights of those few but to manufacture rights that don't exist to make an authoritarian statement on behalf of Big Brother.”

So, will this be the “hill” Republican officials and conservatives “die on,” or will this be another concession, another surrender in a long line of defeats?