Feminist: Jesus Was Transgender!

Attempting to make the case against Christians who stand with biology, a feminist blogger, Katie Grimes, explained tongue in cheek that Jesus Himself was transgender. You know, because of the whole my-dad’s-God thing.

Grimes states: Since Jesus had no human biological father, and since God, his heavenly Father, lacks a body, then Jesus was a man who likely had no Y chromosome. Would this not make Jesus more like a transgender person than a cis-gender one?” she asks. “We could grant Jesus a Y chromosome, but then we would have to assign his virgin mother Mary one as well. Either way, the miracle of sex-less conception suggests that Jesus can qualify as a ‘real man’ only if Mary qualifies as something less than a ‘real woman.’”

Essentially, what Grimes writes is nonsensical: Jesus was fully man and fully God, per scriptural backing. But, it was said in “sarcasm,” so we’ll give her a pass.

But Grimes truly is out of her gourd, albeit, seemingly well-intentioned.

The blogger says that Christians cannot oppose the new Leftist push to mainstream the fallacy that men can be women and women can be men, an idea at odds with science. Going further, Grimes argues that the objection to overreaching governmental mandates, which allow bathroom and locker-rooms to be open to gender identity rather than biology, is at odds with Christianity. After all, Grimes emphatically states, without evidence, that "transgender people are clearly happier and healthier and more fully alive when they are allowed to be transgender."

"The Christian case against transgender people typically trumpets the single line from Genesis in which God presumably created human beings 'male and female' as evidence that God intends for each individual to be either male or female," says Grimes. "In doing so, these Christians display more than just a disregard for both semantics and logic. They twist the word of God in the shape of their own preconceptions. They do not think to ask, 'how do we know what makes a male a male and a female a female?' They instead assume that God defines masculinity and femininity in the same way they do," she adds.

"Christians who malign transgender persons also frequently deify the bodies (or perhaps I should say society’s interpretation of the bodies) we receive at birth," she continues. "According to this view, if one was born a boy, then one has to die a man. Besides turning natural law into a cliche (so babies with cleft palettes or heart defects ought not undergo corrective surgery?), this theory ends up unwittingly celebrating the very queerness it seeks to contain."

The blogger then suggests that Christians are limiting their God and His imagination if they resist indulging metal illnesses like gender dysphoria as magical reality where men are women.

“Christians who oppose transgender equality also sell God short,” says Grimes. “They seem to assume that God’s imagination and creativity is no bigger than their own," she says, adding, “Defying human expectations is sort of God’s thing.”

"Would this not make Jesus more like a transgender person than a cis-gender one?"

Katie Grimes

This is full-on insanity.

Christians who oppose buying in to an antiscientific claim are not repudiating their Christian duties; they are, in fact, showing compassion for those suffering with a disease. Grimes seems to view compassion as denying reality and indulging a sick person.

Perhaps Grimes should view the staggering suicide rates of trans people, and possibly a biology book.

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