WATCH 'Hillary Clinton Lying For 13 Minutes Straight'

In a brutal, instantly viral video, Hillary Clinton lies "for 13 minutes straight."

The video highlights several of Clinton's jaw-dropping contradictions, pivots, reversals, and bold-faced lies she's put on the record over her many years of politicking.

Watch Clinton lie about gay marriage, her "core principles," Wall Street (which Bernie fans will love), healthcare, Bosnia, NAFTA, and the list goes on.

While Republicans and conservatives are well aware of the litany of Clinton's lies, the video is likely going to open some eyes among those on the left who are on the fence about voting for the notoriously disingenuous, politically conniving candidate.

As for the Trump fans cheering on the video, don't get too excited; the video begins by announcing, "THIS IS NOT A PRO-TRUMP. Don't worry, he's next. ;)"

For more "lyin' Hillary" fun, here are "7 things Hillary has said that demonstrate she has never met Hillary."

And since it's referenced in the video, here's that awkward SNL skit starring Hillary that attempted and failed to make her more appealing to the younger audience, but at least took some jabs at her for flip-flopping:

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