Cruz Hints He’ll Be Back Running For President Again

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has made it all but clear that he'll run for president again at some point.

As his presidential campaign came to a close, his campaign released one final video called "No Regrets." It begins with Cruz's campaign manager, Jeff Roe, expressing that exact sentiment.

"I feel like this is nearly a regret-free campaign," Roe said. "We literally did every single thing we can do. Ted Cruz didn't lose our campaign for president."

After Roe finished giving his remarks, an emotional Cruz stood up and expressed sincere gratitude to his campaign team, calling them "the finest team in politics I've ever seen."

"What we accomplished is frankly insane," Cruz said. "Nobody thought we had a prayer. But what we did collectively here is we sparked a fire and started a movement. And that's powerful and it doesn't go away with one election result."

Cruz then compared himself to former President Ronald Reagan.

"Ronald Reagan in 1976 came up short," Cruz said. "I suspect at that convention there were more than a few tears shed. It's going to be our task to go forward and continue fighting for that movement."

Cruz looked at his team and said to them as his eyes glistened with tears and his voice quavered: "It has been the greatest honor of my life to be in this foxhole. Twenty, thirty, forty years from now, the people in this room, the people across this country, will say I was a part of this. Am I sad? Yes. But I also know that collectively we did everything we could. We left everything on the table."

Reagan, in fact, ran for president twice–in 1968 and 1976–before finally breaking through the primary system in 1980 and defeating President Jimmy Carter in a landslide.

As conservatives look to rebuild for 2020 as the movement is under threat from a matchup of real estate mogul Donald Trump vs. former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, conservatives can take comfort in the fact that Cruz has laid the groundwork to build on his next presidential run, and that the torch of conservatism has been passed from Reagan to Cruz, a true leader that conservatives can count on.

(h/t: The Hill)

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