NYT Tried To Smack Trump With His Treatment Of Women. It Backfired Dramatically.

Following Sunday’s front-page story at The New York Times that sought to cast Donald Trump as an aggressive and obnoxious pursuer of women, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee quickly deployed a countering media and narrative strategy.

Deriding the left-wing newspaper on Twitter, Trump also pointed to a Monday morning interview with Rowanne Brewer Lane - a former girlfriend of the New York City billionaire - on Fox & Friends.

Featured prominently in The New York Times article, Lane said her statements were “spun” by The Grey Lady to misrepresent her relationship with Trump as a “negative experience.”

Shortly after the above-mentioned interview, left-wing CNN’s Brian Stelter said Donald Trump called into his network’s New Day control room in order to ensure that CNN staff had seen it.

Lane went on to do three more interviews on Monday morning, rejecting the innuendo of The New York Times article and its attempt to advance the leftist “War on Women” narrative for Hillary Clinton’s benefit.

Pushing back by defending their journalistic bona fides, the two reporters from The New York Times - Michael Barbaro and Megan Twohey - also took to television news, speaking with left-wing CBS. Barbaro and Twohey concluded that Trump's "attitudes towards women" are complex and paradoxical, despite the headline and lede of their article implying otherwise.

CNN's media analyst Dylan Byers assessed that Trump had "reset" the narrative.

Political observers may be witnessing an evolution in Trump’s rapid response media strategy.

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