CHAOS: Nevada Democratic Convention Meltdown; 'We Need A Medic In The Front!'

Supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) expressed outrage at what they perceived was a breach of process at the Nevada Democratic Convention on Saturday. Following the decision of the Nevada State Democratic Party’s chairwoman to make permanent a series of initially temporarily implemented changes to convention rules, supporters of the socialist Senator erupted with shouts of “this is fixed” and “no confidence," implying that the state's party leadership was aligned with Hillary Clinton.

Roberta Lange, the party’s chairwoman, abruptly fled the stage amid loud booing from socialist and communist activists after announcing her decision.

“The ruling by the chair is not debatable. It cannot be challenged,” said Lange, just prior to fleeing the stage. Following her abrupt exit, the lights in the convention hall were dimmed and music was played at a high volume.

Supporters of Sanders chanted “recount.”

“There is an uproar. There are major petitions being signed,” says a woman recording the video below who supporters Sanders.

Clinton supporters shouted “take your seats” and “arrest them" towards and in reference to Sanders supporters.

“Democracy! Got something against it?!” yelled a Sanders supporter at a Clinton supporter.

In a YouTube video purporting to show the aftermath of a fight, a woman using the speakerphone system of the hall says, "We need a medic in the front."

Local reports indicate that Clinton stretched her delegate lead over Sanders by two, securing seven new delegates to Sanders’s five. Clinton now has a total of twenty delegates from the Silver State, with Sanders securing fifteen.

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