There Are a Lot of Hillary Donors in the Justice Department

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has a lot of donors within the Department of Justice.

The Washington Free Beacon reports Clinton received 228 contributions from DoJ employees for a total of $73,437 in donations, and the donors aren't exactly low-level employees either. Hot Air's Jazz Shaw provides a list of some the notable Clinton donors within the DoJ:

  • Joshua Geltzer, Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General for National Security.
  • Miriam Vogel, Senior Counsel to Deputy Attorney General James M. Cole.
  • Brian Boyton, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Office of Legal Counsel.
  • Renata Hasse, Principle Deputy Assistant Attorney General for Criminal and Civil Operations.

By contrast, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) received 51 contributions that equaled $8,900 in donations, and real estate mogul Donald Trump only had two donations to receive a total of $381 from DoJ employees.

David Bossie, president of the Citizens United organization, told the Free Beacon in a statement, "How can Democrat political appointees fairly investigate someone who is about to become their nominee for president? That’s why last July I called on Attorney General [Loretta] Lynch to appoint an impartial special counsel to investigate the private Clinton email server."

Matthew Whitaker, a former U.S. attorney and director of the Foundation for Accountability Trust, also weighed in:

“The report out today that Hillary Clinton received almost $75,000 in political contributions from Justice Department employees is yet another reason why the Justice Department cannot and should not decide whether to bring a case against Hillary Clinton for her reckless handling of classified information while Secretary of State,” Whitaker said in a statement. “The decision of whether or not to bring a case against Clinton will be a difficult one for Attorney General Loretta Lynch, as I don’t believe she has the fortitude to oppose President Obama, who has publicly said Clinton’s behavior didn’t put our national security at risk. Since this Administration has shown no ability to be impartial, looking the other way at every turn of this investigation, I’m renewing an urgent call for the appointment of a special counsel in this case.”

The fact that Clinton donors are infested within the top levels of the DoJ is yet another reason why Clinton likely won't be indicted for her private email server. To recap, there's no question that Clinton violated federal law by having a private email server and that exposed highly-classified information to the country's enemies. But as The Daily Wire has previously reported, the following reasons are why the DoJ is unlikely to indict her:

  • The DoJ will use "precedent" as an excuse.
  • President Barack Obama won't let it happen.
  • Lynch has a penchant for politicizing the law.
  • Lynch was appointed by Clinton's husband for the position of U.S. attorney of the Eastern District of New York.
  • The Democratic National Committee and Obama have a clear alliance, and it's in both of their best interests to have Clinton be the Democratic presidential nominee.

With those reasons added on to the Clinton donors in the Department of Justice, it's no wonder that Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal is "very confident" that Clinton won't be indicted.

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