Just a few hours after his election victory, Canadian prime minister-elect Justin Trudeau has shut down the prospect for ongoing U.S.-Canada joint-military operations in Iraq and Syria.

After years of Canadian pilots supplementing American aerial power, the newly ordained, impulsive playboy imperiously told the President of the United States that Canada will withdraw all fighter jets in the region.

In perhaps the most ostentatious display of private-school privilege imaginable, the wealthy son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau let the public know this invaluable information in French.

At a press conference (see: below), Trudeau told reporters "About an hour ago I spoke with President Obama” about "the commitments I have made around ending the combat mission."

Trudeau’s mien was calm and collected as he wistfully suggested that fighting ISIS is no longer a Canadian priority. The Prince of Pierre abnegated ostensible NATO obligations for mitigating the threat of the Islamic State without a hint of hesitation. Trudeau didn’t even bother to wait for his official succession ceremony to pull the plug on moral responsibility.

Unfortunately, “Good-Looking Bernie Sanders” is not just a pretty face; he is a symptom of regressive multiculturalism. ISIS is a scourge to humanity. It is evil personified. By its very nature, ISIS is everyone’s fight. Every nation that claims to care about human rights is inherently intertwined in this battle against oppression and tyranny. Trudeau doesn't care. He's fine styling his hair and smiling obsequiously for cameras.