Museum of Tolerance: State Department Responsible for Unfair Coverage of Israel

Terror continues in Israel as Palestinians continue to attack innocent Israeli civilians and tourists while the world turns a blind eye to their evils. Perhaps the most despicable of all seems to be the misleading media coverage by major news outlets who fail to expose the Islamic terrorists at fault.

“Palestinian teen killed, new stabbing in Israel,” Yahoo News headlines read after 13-year-old Ahmed Manasra stabbed two Israelis with butcher knives less than two weeks ago. While running after a Jewish boy with a knife, Ahmed was run over by a vehicle. PA president Mahmoud Abbas announced that he was “executed in cold blood” by “Jewish settlers.”

Ahmed was later found in stable condition, however, after the Israeli government released photos of him lying in safely in a hospital bed and being treated by Israeli doctors.

“Joseph’s Tomb site catches fire in spate of Palestinian-Israeli violence,” CNN headlines read after Palestinians lit the religious burial site on fire.

The Daily Wire contacted the Museum of Tolerance for a response on the media issue.

“Unfortunately you have to start with the State Department,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, of the Museum of Tolerance. “When they label everything as a ‘cycle of violence’... it’s simply not accurate.”

Cooper explained that Joseph’s tomb has been attacked repeatedly by Palestinians. Nonetheless, just yesterday, the "cycle of violence" rhetoric was reused by Deputy Spokesman Mark C. Toner during a press briefing for the U.S. Department of State, which had included several discussions regarding the current events in Israel. Toner unfairly compared the Israeli Defense Forces protecting civilians to the Arab bandits butchering Israelis and tourists.

“What our priority, what our focus is right now, is to end the violence and for all sides to make every effort possible to reduce tensions,” Toner said, matching up the Islamic cry of martyrdom with the Israeli right to self-defense. Toner then concluded that the solution to the conflict in Israel is to establish a “two-state solution":

I think perhaps what we’re talking about is just clarity on all sides, and that includes the Palestinian side, that there is no change in the status quo, that all sides need to recognize that, make every effort possible to reduce tensions, and as I said, end the violence so that we can begin to take affirmative actions, as the Secretary has talked about, to reduce the temperature and to end the violence and to begin moving towards, ultimately, a two-state solution.

The State Department was also recently accused of criticizing Israel for restricting access to Israel's holy sites, saying that the Israeli government was engaging in "government and legal discrimination" in doing so.

“It’s simply failure to call out Palestinian terrorism,” Cooper said. “We have to point a finger at our own State Department which fails, refuses to call out Palestinian or Islamic terrorism… [This decision is] not made in the control room in CNN. It reflects an attitude projected by spokesman of State Department.”


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