James Woods Smacks 'Utter Moron' Bernie Sanders

James Woods is brilliant. With an IQ reported to be over 180, he is probably more intelligent than half of Hollywood - combined. While most celebrity starlets are snorting cocaine at the back of an exclusive lounge, this skillful actor is using his brainpower in pursuit of a noble cause: trashing socialist sycophant Bernie Sanders, the leftist messiah running on asurplus of stupidity. Just when we thought he was running out of steam, Sanders poked his head out again like a whack-a-mole ready to hammer.

First it was Denmark. Now it’s Communist China. Next thing you know, Sanders is going to shamelessly praise Sudan (see: Clock-kid). Clearly, Sanders was up after his bedtime. Things get a little loopy when he misses his naps and 5 am breakfasts. Against all odds, James Woods entered the scene, smacking Sanders back to IHOP:

For some reason, Sanders missed that part about female infanticide. The self-championed caretaker of the poor often forgets crucial details like that. As the number two Democrat in the primaries, Sanders has gleefully embraced European-style economic models while steadily rising in the polls. Not a single policy the man has proposed makes any sense whatsoever. Most of his statements are logically invalid. Others are entirely made-up.

"China has notoriously killed female infants for population control, you utter moron."

James Woods

And still, the Democratic electorate celebrates the maladroit Marxist. Nonetheless, a large contingent of the Democratic electorate still ‘Feel the Bern.’ They would be wise to listen to James Woods; he makes far more sense than the Democratic Socialist/Independent/Democratic (?) Senator from Vermont. With the dexterity of a former MIT Political Science student, Woods commented on the collective cognitive dissonance of the Sanders’ campaign:

God Bless James Woods and God Bless the United States of America:


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