Fiorina Falls Off Stage. Trump Accuses Cruz of Cruelty. Here's The Whole Story.

At a campaign event in Carmel, Indiana on Monday, ​Donald Trump accused Ted Cruz of being "really cruel" for supposedly ignoring his running mate Carly Fiorina when she fell at a campaign rally in Lafayette.

"By the way, [Fiorina] fell off the stage," Trump told the Carmel crowd. "Did anybody see that? And Cruz didn't do anything. Even I would've helped her, OK?... Wow, that's really cruel. She just went down. She went down a long way. And she went down right in front of him and he just kept talking. That was a weird deal."

Here's a video that made the rounds from Raw Story of Fiorina's fall and Cruz "ignor[ing] her":

But as another video angle shows, rather than being evidence of Cruz's "cruelty," the Texas senator simply didn't see the fall, as he was busy shaking supporters' hands, and Fiorina managed to right herself quickly before her running mate realized what happened (incident starts around the 12:25 mark):

H/t The Blaze

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