Islamic Preacher: British Muslims Demand Sharia Law And Separate Caliphate In The UK

The myth of the tiny radical Muslim minority has been debunked time and time again. Now even Muslims are acknowledging the fact that many mainstream strands of Islam are, in fact, incompatible with Western values. A recent poll has confirmed that nearly two-thirds of British Muslims would not report terror tips to the police. A shocking 23% of British Muslims want Sharia law to supersede the judicial process in the UK. These numbers are all the more disturbing given that many of the respondents were born and raised in the democratic West. Many of them are educated. They received medical services courtesy of the NIH, the UK’s universal public health program. These sentiments cross ethnic, social, and economic boundaries. The only thing these Muslims have in common is an unshakeable faith in Islam.

Radical Islamic preacher Anjem Choudary has been making this argument for years. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart London, Choudary confessed that the polls represent a stark reality in the West. The former chairman of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, Trevor Phillips, has said that Muslims have formed a “nation within a nation” in Great Britain. This is coming from the man that actually popularized the term “Islamophobia.” Choudary agreed with Phillips’ assessment, stressing the Muslim community’s self-segregation tendencies. Here’s what Choudary had to say to Breitbart:

I think that we are increasingly heading toward that direction, definitely. The more the population grows, the more they find their roots, the more they want to implement Islam in their lives; and the more they see around the world the failure of so-called democracies and socialist governments, the more they want self-determination.

And we can see that that is not just the case in the Middle East and Africa, but also in the West. People want to call for the Sharia. And we shouldn’t be surprised. Europe had the Sharia for about 800 years in Spain so why not in Britain? You know, we don’t call for the killing or the oppression of anyone. We want to live peacefully together. So why not try divine law? We tried secularism for long enough.

Quite simply, many Muslims do not want to assimilate into Western culture. Choudary throws the kitchen sink at the Leftist notion that all Muslims are peace-loving and tolerant individuals. That simply isn’t true. Here’s Choudary again on the growing schism between Muslim Brits and mainstream British society:

We live at a time now, Aaron, of third or fourth generation Muslim communities. Where they have no trust of the government. Many people have grown up and all they have known are wars against Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan and now in Syria.

So, you know, if you are 20-year-old individual living in Britain for most of your life, you’ve seen wars against Muslims. So when you ask them these questions, whether they would actually cooperate with the police, they see the raids and arrests. They see a lot of draconian laws which accompany these wars as well, and the Muslim community has been the recipient of these oppressive measures. We’re living in a kind of an apartheid state in Britain as a Muslim community today.

It’s undeniable: the multi-cultural social engineering experiment has failed. Europe is falling apart at the seams, unable to control its rowdy and often violent Muslim populations. When Islam means more to you than material possessions, social cohesion, and democratic ideals then you have no incentive to coexist with Jews, Christians, and secularists. How much longer will Europe continue to be tolerant of the intolerant?

For more information on the myth of the tiny radical Muslim minority, watch Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro's explainer video:


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