How Many Murderers and Sex Criminals Did ICE Just Release? The Number Will STUN You

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency released a stunning number of criminal illegal aliens in 2015, many of whom were murderers and sex criminals.

According to the Center for Immigration Studies, ICE released 19,723 criminal illegals with 64,197 total convictions–about 3.25 convictions per released illegal. These figures included 208 homicide convictions, over 900 sex crime convictions, 8,234 violent crime convictions, 216 kidnapping convictions and 12,661 alcohol and drug DUIs.

Naturally, releasing all of these illegals has had a detrimental effect on public safety:

So far, 124 criminal aliens released by ICE have subsequently been charged with homicide. One victim was Grant Ronnebeck, a 21-year-old man who was killed while working at a convenience store in Mesa, Ariz. Ronnebeck's killer was an illegal alien who was released by ICE in 2013 after conviction for a burglary and kidnapping involving drug dealing.

When ICE releases criminal aliens instead of deporting them, the chances are high that the aliens will re-offend. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, approximately 71 percent of violent offenders, 77 percent of drug offenders, and 82 percent of property offenders will be arrested for a new crime within five years of release from jail or prison. Drunk drivers are especially prone to offend repeatedly. According to an FBI statistic cited by Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the average drunk driver has driven drunk 80 times before ever being arrested.

Over 50 percent of the illegals released were the result of an immigration judge ordering them to be released–although ICE deserves their share of blame if they didn't argue their case well–and many others were released because their country wouldn't take them back. Many of these illegals would go on to commit violent crimes against American citizens.

"One such victim was Casey Chadwick, who was brutally stabbed in her apartment by Jean Jacques on June 15, 2015," writes CIS Director of Policy Studies Jessica Vaughn. "Jacques served 16 years in prison in Connecticut for attempted murder and then was held and released three times by ICE, most recently just a few months before killing Chadwick."

ICE has attempted to spin the release of all these illegals as good because they're fewer than the number they've released in previous years, which is only because there were fewer arrests this year as a result of President Barack Obama's executive amnesty preventing ICE from identifying "a large share of the criminal aliens" in jail.

During Thursday's Congressional hearing on the release of all these illegals, ICE director Sarah Saldana made the following callous and arrogant comment:

Naturally, many people were outraged at Saldana:

This is the same Saldana who refused to crack down on sanctuary cities–which are dangerous–unless Congress passed amnesty, showing that she puts politics at a higher priority than the rule of law and safety of the American people.

There were already over 347,000 criminal aliens at large in the country, and now there are almost 20,000 more in the U.S.

(h/t: The Washington Examiner)

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