Hillary Breaks Out The Prince Music

Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton added a new song to the campaign playlist. Guess who the singer is? The recently deceased artist Prince, of course.

Welcome home @hillaryclinton ! #scranton #dunmore #hillary2016

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The music legend sadly passed last Thursday, at the young age of 57.

Hillary, looking to score some cool points and win over a few Prince fans, ended up receiving an online tongue-lashing instead. One Twitter user called the stunt to add Prince's “Let’s Go Crazy” “disrespectful" and in poor taste.

Stephen Miller from National Review got in on the Hillary mocking for her failed attempt at trying to be “hip”:

Most of Hillary’s pandering escapades end in turmoil. For instance, the former secretary of state once tried to court Hispanic voters by telling them she was just like their abuela (Spanish for grandmother). The “Hispandering” attempt resulted in mass outrage from the Hispanic community, as seen by the trending #NotMyAbuela hashtag on Twitter at the time.

Another cringeworthy moment was when Hillary, a 68-year-old white woman, told an urban radio show that she always keeps hot sauce in her purse. Lyrics in a released Beyonce song, the racially-charged “Formation,” say that the songstress always keeps hot sauce in her bag, and, apparently, if the worshiped professional booty-shaker Beyonce does it, then Hillary will claim to do it, too.

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