In a stirring example of “how to not assimilate,” Muslim migrants welcomed in by German Chancellor Angela Merkel showed just how much they appreciated the West in a protest held earlier this month by launching into chants of "Death to Jews," "Adolf Hitler," and "Allahu Akbar," while waving the Palestinian flag.

Chancellor Merkel welcomed 1.1 million asylum seekers into Germany in 2015, reports Bloomberg. Syrians made up roughly 40 percent, Afghans 14 percent and Iraqis 11 percent. The total number of asylum seekers is far and away the highest on record for Germany.

As documented over the past year or so, things have not exactly gone swimmingly with the influx of migrants, namely issues with the high rates of poverty and unprecedented assaults on women. Most notably, the European country saw an onslaught of sexual assault, including even rape, and burglary on New Year’s Eve in Cologne against targeted German women by young, male Muslim migrants.

“German authorities said on Tuesday that coordinated attacks in which young women were sexually harassed and robbed by hundreds of young men on New Year’s Eve in the western city of Cologne were unprecedented in scale and nature,” reported The New York Times. “The assault, which went largely unreported for days, set off a national outcry after the Cologne police described the attackers as young men ‘who appeared to have a North African or Arabic’ background, based on testimony from victims and witnesses. More than 90 people have filed legal complaints, the police said on Tuesday.”

Nonetheless, under the leadership of Merkel, German is reported to welcome another million migrants this year.

As The Daily Wire reported on Tuesday, the United States is expected to welcome 20,000 Syrian refugees, double the original 10,000 the administration said they would admit.

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