BREAKING: Cruz Vetting Carly Fiorina For VP

On Monday, The Hill reported that Ted Cruz is vetting former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina as a potential running mate. A Fiorina aide confirmed the report to The Hill.

The former HP executive first endorsed Cruz in March; she has been campaigning for him ever since. In addition to raising funds for the campaign, Fiorina has appeared alongside the constitutional conservative in interviews and on the campaign trail.

One of Fiorina’s former deputy campaign advisors first suggested to The Weekly Standard that her boss had given the Cruz campaign financial disclosure forms in order to begin the vetting process.

The Cruz campaign added to the speculation on Monday as well. Here’s what Cruz campaign national chairman told CNN:

Any responsible future leader of the free world has to be looking at having a potential successor in a vice president.

He is vetting a number of solid candidates and certainly Ms. Fiorina is absolutely one of them. She's one of the most talented business leaders of modern time and she's been a great supporter.

For the Cruz campaign, Fiorina is a shrewd choice. She has already demonstrated a profound ability to attack chief Democratic rival Hillary Clinton on both foreign policy and social issues. By choosing Fiorina, Cruz may be able to soften his image with women voters and deflect inevitable criticisms accusing the GOP of misogyny.

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