Trump Jr.: GOP Establishment'd Rather Lose With Cruz Than Win With My Dad

The “Republican establishment,” says Donald Trump Jr., would rather lose the presidential election with Senator Ted Cruz as its nominee than win with his father. Joining left-wing CNN’s Jake Tapper for an interview that aired on Sunday’s weekly flagship State of the Union, The Republican front-runner’s eldest child also said that Cruz was “bribing” delegates in order to secure the GOP nomination.

Asked about his father’s derision of the Republican delegate apportionment systems in states like Colorado, Trump Jr. shared his view of GOP machinations.

“I think at this point, the Republican establishment would much rather hand the things over to Hillary, hand the reins over to her, let her run it, because guess what - there’s no accountability in the party,” said Trump Jr.

Tapper asked for clarification on Trump Jr.’s implication.

“Don, do you think - just to reiterate something you said - you think that the Republican establishment would rather run Ted Cruz and lose with him than have your father be the nominee?” asked Tapper.

Reaffirming his assessment of the the motivations of Republican power-brokers, Trump Jr. said that party’s elite were aiming to lose with Cruz as the nominee.

“There are decisions that are being made, and there’s things that I see and actions happening that make me really question whether they actually want somebody who could actually win,” said Trump Jr., claiming that his father was drawing supporters from Democrats and independents. “Instead they go with, want to try and push someone else who as zero chance of winning. It doesn’t make any sense to me. I have to certainly question their motives.”

Casting Cruz as a candidate without any prospects to defeat the eventual Democratic presidential nominee, Trump Jr. described his father’s competitor as broadly unappealing.

“Ted Cruz has no chance of winning this without bribing the delegates, that’s his game,” said Trump Jr. “He’s mathematically eliminated, but that’s his game from day one because he’s not an appealing candidate to the general election voter.”

Responding to an ad describing released by the Cruz campaign labelling his father as a member of the “PC police,” Trump Jr. described the Texas senator as having co-opted his father’s political positions.

Watch the entire interview below.

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