Cruz Perfectly Trolls 'PC' Trump After Trans Bathroom Comment

After Donald Trump took the safe route and came out in support of allowing men to share restrooms with girls, the Cruz campaign had some fun at his expense, turning Trump's PC moment into a way to score a few political points and move some merch.

Introducing the "MAKE PC GREAT AGAIN" hat line exclusively available at

The campaign notes that while some of the hats are currently in stock, but you can expect a 1-2 week delay on shipping.

After winning a series of states and racking up delegates, Cruz suffered an expected but still significant setback Tuesday in New York, where Trump grabbed nearly all of the 95 delegates and Cruz came away with none. Seemingly undeterred by the resounding NY defeat, the Cruz camp is pressing forward with energy, Trump's pro-trans bathroom statement graciously giving the candidate some good material.

Here's Cruz tearing into Trump on the campaign trail Thursday over his PC-crowd-pleasing take on the bathroom debate (via Allahpundit):

While Cruz is making hay with "making PC great again," his campaign just launched one of the best political ads in decades:


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