The Best Political Ad In Decades

The Ted Cruz campaign just released what is one of the best political ads ever filmed, showing a mock Hillary Clinton War Room with actors who bear astonishing resemblances to Hillary, Huma Abedin, and John Podesta as they buoyantly describe in detail how the Clinton campaign salivates at the prospect of Donald Trump as their opposition. The ad accomplishes a dual purpose, depicting Trump as a luscious, ripe target for Clinton but also targeting Clinton as well.

The ad begins with Hillary seated at the head of the table while Abedin paces nervously around the others, all with dossiers, Abedin asks, “What do you have for me?” A young male operative informs Clinton, “Donald Trump is paving the way for you to win the White House.” An older staff member adds that the campaign’s “oppo file on Trump is ready to go. When our friends in the media release their stuff, he’s toast.”

A series of slides is shown on a screen, listing one attack after another that would be easy for the Clinton campaign to use, as the faces around the table glow with anticipation.

The glow comes off their faces momentarily when the young male operative remarks, “He has the second highest disapproval ratings of anybody running for president.” Abedin asks “Who has the highest?” The camera cuts to a sullen-looking Hillary as the room goes quiet.

After an uncomfortable pause, the series of slides begins anew. The older staff member finally states what has become obvious to everyone in the room: “The point is, if Trump is the nominee, the White House is yours.” Abedin asks suspiciously, “What do you mean, ‘if’?”

The young male operative answers, “Our latest polling indicates Americans want a president they can trust. Someone who isn’t … uhhh …” A staffer offers, “A liar?” More uncomfortable stares around the table.

The Podesta character interjects, “Someone who respects the Constitution and the rights it protects.” Young male operative, hurriedly, “Someone who has a proven track record taking on the Washington establishment.” Older operative, surprised, “America wants a real leader.”

Abedin, impatiently, “Get to the point. Who are we talking about here?”

More uncomfortable looks. Finally a dossier is slid across the table to Hillary, who opens it, and sees a photo of Ted Cruz.

Abedin, worried: “How do we stop Ted Cruz?” No answer. Abedin, more desperately, “How do we stop Ted Cruz?”

Older operative, glumly, “I don’t think we can.”

Leaving Hillary looking ready to kill someone.

Video below:


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