Hey, 'Conservative' Trump Supporters: Your Godking Played You For Suckers

Imagine, for a moment, that you met a person who spent the last thirty years as a drug-abusing, alcoholic gang member and a sexual cheat. And imagine that in order to woo you, this person spent eight months as an abstinent, church-going Christian. You dated; your new partner seemed somewhat unstable, but pledged to turn over a new leaf.

Finally, imagine that after marrying this person, the person then immediately went on a weekend bender, associating with his old gang friends, abusing drugs and alcohol, and cheating on you.

Would you:

  1. Worry that perhaps your new spouse deceived you in order to woo you, and will now go back to being the person he/she was before.
  2. Defend your new spouse’s behavior as a perfectly rational attempt to reach out to old friends and woo them to the church.

If your answer is B, we know why you have a history of failed relationships, and also why you support Donald Trump.

On Thursday, Trump told The Today Show that North Carolina’s law protecting businesses from having to let grown men pee next to little girls was too “strong”; suggested redefining human life in the Republican platform to write out those conceived in rape and incest; and came out in favor of raising taxes on the wealthy.

This, of course, is no shock to those of us who believe that Trump’s short respite in the conservative camp was merely a cynical ploy to gain political support, and think that down deep, Trump is who he always was: a big government leftist with a tendency toward social libertinism and a streak of “I’ll say whatever the hell I please because I’m rich and nobody’s ever said no to me.” After all, Trump said as early as 1999 that he would consider same-sex marriage thanks to his experiences in New York (yes, Trump coined the “New York values” argument); he said at that time that he was “very pro-choice in every respect”; he testified before Congress in 1991 against Ronald Reagan’s tax cutting. He gave more money to Democrats than Republicans between 1980 and 2010. He supported nationalized health care, high tariffs (he still supports this), and Planned Parenthood (he still supports this, too).

So, is Trump’s newfound leftist pandering actual pandering? Or is it just reversion to the Trump mean? Trump’s defenders say he’s pivoting – but isn’t it more likely that he’s just going back to what he always was, now that he’s locked up a crowd willing to follow him to the Kool-Aid sampling? Trump spent virtually his entire adult life as the fellow we saw this morning on The Today Show. Isn’t it more likely that his Today Show appearance represents a more comfortable Trump than the fellow who awkwardly suggested jailing women who have abortions and says that he’ll appoint great conservative justices?

Leftist Trump is the real Trump. Those who trust Trump’s conservatism will wind up just like virtually everyone who has ever trusted Trump: screwed and divorced. And they’ll have only themselves to blame. After all, Trump has told you he never repents.


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