Delusional Presidential Candidate Opens His Mouth, Makes Things Worse For Everyone. Again.

Ohio Governor John Kasich still has fewer delegates than Marco Rubio, who dropped out over a month ago, and has no way of securing the nomination unless the GOP rewrites the convention rules to install him over men whose delegates counts dwarf his. But the governor's glaring failure on the campaign trail hasn't deterred him from continuing to run — and run his mouth to the detriment of his own side.

In an interview Wednesday with The Washington Post, Kasich announced that Republicans have completely run out of ideas and agreed with the Left's notion that the GOP is a party that only stands "against" things rather than being for anything.

"If you don’t have ideas, you got nothing, and frankly my Republican Party doesn't like ideas," ­Kasich told the left-leaning outlet. "They want to be negative against things. We had Reagan, okay? Saint Ron. We had Kemp, he was an idea guy. I'd say Paul Ryan is driven mostly by ideas. He likes ideas. But you talk about most of 'em, the party is knee-jerk 'against.' Maybe that’s how they were created."

Despite having blasted fellow Republicans for being the supposed Party of No, Kasich then went on to talk about all the things he would shut down or reject, including "kill[ing]" the Commerce Department and saying no to a carbon tax. In other words, saying no is in fact good, just so long as the right person is saying it.

As for the reality that he's been mathematically eliminated from winning the nomination, Kasich suggested that if no one gets to 1,237, he might be able to wrest away the nomination from the two leaders.

"One time I made an 83 on my math test, and I did better than everybody else, and I asked the teacher: How come I don’t have an A?" Kasich said. "The teacher said, 'An A is 90.' I said, 'Oh, I get it.' Say he gets in there with 1,100 — go get the rest of 'em."

Trump currently leads the race with 845 delegates, with Ted Cruz in second with 559. Kasich has managed only 148. (When he dropped out in March, Rubio had acquired 173.)

Here's the full interview:

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