Wendy Davis Invokes God To Push Abortion

On Monday, abortion-enthusiast heartthrob and former Texas state senator Wendy Davis invoked God to help push her abortion crusade during an interview with Jezebel. Davis lamented the lack of progress of the pro-abortion movement, but assured the Leftist outlet that women like her “can get knocked down, but by God, we can get back up and we fight to see a new day.”

Apparently, God is giving Davis and others like her the strength to “get back up” and fight for abortion.

A little background: Davis, or “Abortion Barbie” (a term coined by conservative Erik Erikson), made her claim to fame in the pro-abortion world by attempting to filibuster pro-life legislation in Texas. The bill eventually passed and Davis was catalyzed to a subsequent failed gubernatorial run. Nonetheless, she did cement her position as abortion royalty.

When speaking to Jezebel, self-anointed Saint Wendy spoke of her abortion crusade as an “obligation,” since she has the “capacity and wherewithal to step up to the plate.” “I also feel a bit of an obligation to show young women that we can get knocked down, but by God, we get back up and we fight to see a new day,” she said.

Jezebel predictably worshiped Davis, calling her a "badass," an "instant hero" and "dignified" while touching on her failed symbolic filibuster in 2013: “The image of Davis—grave and dignified in a pair of pink sneakers, occasionally wiping away tears as she read hours of personal testimony from women across the state—is engraved in the public memory. She became an instant hero. In the weeks that followed, the rest of America learned what Texas had long known: that Davis was a certified badass, a young single mom who worked her way out of poverty and into Harvard Law, elected office, and history.”

Through the lens of third-wave Western feminists, the disgraced state senator essentially committed martyrdom in her fawned-over pink sneakers right on the Senate floor when she “stood up” for killing babies.

"By God, we can get back up and we fight to see a new day."

Wendy Davis, invoking God as support for the pro-abortion cause

Other than interviews with Jezebel, Davis now makes news here and there when she uses her own abortion story of her 20-week-old baby girl, whom she killed “out of love,” to advance the abortion cause.

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