Crew Members of ‘Transparent’ Getting Upset By Transgenders in Bathrooms

Sound the irony alarm.

TMZ reports that crew members on the hit Amazon show about a male to female transgender, Transparent, are uncomfortable with the gender-less bathrooms on set. Apparently, some of the crew members are “up in arms” over the restrooms open to men, women and trans people.

“The beef is that men, women and transgenders can all enter as they please, making it uncomfortable for some of the crew. Women are particularly worried about walking in and seeing a dude peeing at the urinal,” says TMZ.

Per photos obtained by TMZ, there are at least two stalls and two urinals in the bathrooms; according to Transparent creator Jill Soloway, the gender-neutral bathrooms have been in place on set since at least 2014, notes The New York Daily News.

Allegedly, several members of the crew are “too scared to complain,” fearing that they will be labeled as “transphobic.” (If the crew members were conservative, they’d be used to the baseless ad hominem attacks by now.)

Both TMZ and The New York Daily News have reached out to Amazon for comment; no comment has been received thus far.


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