Trump Supporter Organizing 'Aggressive Pro-Trump Groups' to Block Delegates from Convention

An influential Donald Trump supporter is organizing an illegal effort to block Colorado and Wyoming delegates from attending the Cleveland convention to vote against Trump.

Self-described "conservative strategist" Gary Forbes — a Pro-Trump activist who the campaign recently told the New York Times is not affiliated with them — has been organizing efforts online for Trump for months. Following Trump's shellacking in the Colorado and Wyoming delegate selection, Forbes has raised the stakes of his campaign to get Trump elected.

His new initiative: block the Colorado and Wyoming delegates from getting to Cleveland.

In a post titled "Wanted: Teams to Stop Colorado/Wyoming Delegates from Attending Cleveland Convention in July!" Forbes declares that the delegates "MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE" and instructs supporters to organize groups of "aggressive" pro-Trumpers to make sure they don't. Though Forbes says they should use only “legal” methods, he then outlines several illegal ways to prevent the delegates from fulfilling their duties.

We are urging groups in both states to organize and mobilize against this complete, blatant corruption, by making a stand. The delegates chosen in these states without any elections, MUST NOT BE ALLOWED TO VOTE. Folks, it is too late to try to correct the processes that these sleazy politicians are using against us. We must find our ways. Here is what we suggest...

Step #1. Create a database of all delegates in both states including name, address, tel #, and photo. To stop them, we need to know who they are. BTW, all the delegates in these states to our knowledge are committed to Cruz (without any input from WTP).

Step #2. Build a team of aggressive pro-Trump groups including bikers, truckers, unions, support groups, etc. and DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE MAKE IT TO CLEVELAND IN JULY. Be creative. Find any legal means to see to it that they don't even make it to the airport. Block streets with traffic jams. Find out their flights and hotels and figure out ways to cancel their tickets and reservations.

If you do not want this election to be stolen from us, you and your teams must take extremely aggressive actions. Please leave prevention ideas below at comments.

Here's a screenshot of the post (via WeaselZippers):

Forbes followed up the call to "extremely aggressive" action by urging supporters to lay siege to the houses of the delegates, instructing fellow pro-Trumpers to "organize a protest of no less than 500 demonstrators to camp out at the homes of the at-risk delegates, and those on your GOP leaders list."

Here's a screenshot of the post (via WeaselZippers):


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