Watch Congressman Shout Down Immigrant Activists: 'Are You An Example Of The America We Can Expect?'

While speaking on the steps of the Supreme Court on Monday, Representative Steve King of Iowa was battling the yells and chants of immigration activists who did not want to respect his First Amendment right to free speech and had no interest in "peaceably" assembling, but rather repeatedly disrupted him with every screaming word.

Click below for King's response...

In the clip, King addresses the angry protestors saying,

"Why are you all yelling? You want to be citizens of America and conduct yourselves in a fashion where you try to shout down someone who is exercising their right to freedom of speech? Do I need to start reading the Constitution from the First Amendment? Freedom of speech and religion and the press and peaceably assemble; it's not peaceable to try to shout people down. You're supposed to be demonstrating what good citizens you would make rather than the kind of actions you have here.

"So, is this behavior out here in the streets of America that we see today that disrespects this court, disrespects the Congress of the United States, disrespects this congressman who serves on the Constitution subcommittee and the full House Judiciary Committee; Are you an example of the America we can expect if this court finds that the president can write law and violate the Constitution at will? If so, we're in for a rough ride in the future."

The activists were there because the Supreme Court was hearing arguments for a challenge to President Obama's executive action on immigration, which would possibly block four million illegal immigrants from being deported.

Exit thought from Trump who just added another ten feet to the wall...


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