3 Latest Indicators The Left Wants To Kill The First Amendment

The left is coming for the First Amendment. They claim that they’re all for freedoms of speech, association and religion. All of that is nonsense. The left believes that equality of feelings trumps Constitutional liberty; their agenda justifies quashing free speech, crushing freedom of association, and punishing freedom of religion.

Here are three of the latest indicators that the left hopes to destroy the First Amendment wholesale:

1. Stopping Citizens From Being Politically Involved. On Sunday, noted political commentator and all-around overrated actor George Clooney appeared on Meet The Press to discuss a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton at which he charged $353,000 to be an event co-chair. He blasted the Citizens United decision, which unleashed the power of the First Amendment for those who wish to give money to political causes: “I think [Citizens United is] the worst – one of the worst laws passed since I have been around…and so our job is to try and counter that in some way.” Citizens United, by the way, is not a law. Clooney added that the Bernie Sanders campaign “when they talk about it is absolutely right. It’s ridiculous that we should have this money in politics, I agree completely.”

Overturning Citizens United would involve repealing the First Amendment.

2. Prosecuting People For Giving To Causes. On March 29, with Al Gore looking on, more than a dozen state attorneys general (almost all Democrats) stated that they would look to prosecute Exxon for the crime of giving money to the Competitive Enterprise Institute, an anti-anthropogenic global warming think tank. Their crime: supposedly committing fraud by supporting a non-approved opinion about global warming.

National Review explains:

What’s at stake here is nothing less than the rule of law and the maintenance of a free society, one in which people, think tanks, and businesses are not subject to prosecution for political activism on contentious public-policy questions. This is an attack not only on the First Amendment but on the entirety of the political process itself.

The left doesn’t care. They love the idea of prosecuting their political opponents. This is only the beginning.

3. Destroying People For Failing To Comply With The Leftist Social Agenda. North Carolina continues to stand strong against private actors who despise that its determination that men should not pee next to little girls. But now government actors are getting involved. They believe that religious citizens must be forced to cater same-sex weddings, that private businesses must allow grown men to urinate next to small female children, and that anybody who believes differently must be curbed. Then their friends in Hollywood produce propaganda suggesting that those who don’t want their liberties violated are the real kooks.

It’s going to be an ugly period for the First Amendment. Then again, the left hates the Second, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Tenth Amendments particularly, so the First Amendment can just get in line.


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