On Wednesday night, Heidi Cruz, along with her two young daughters, joined her husband, Republican Senator Ted Cruz in a sit-down with CNN’s Anderson Cooper. She was asked about her potential platform as First Lady if her husband were to land the White House. Mrs. Cruz, 43, honed in on three key areas when responding: a focus on self-esteem and leadership among young girls and women around the world, on entrepreneurship and on education, namely, school choice.

“I think it’s great to have a strong, independent women out in front of young girls,” started the town hall questioner, “If you are First Lady, what will be your platform?”

First, Heidi Cruz made it clear that her main objective was to help get her husband the nomination and then eventually elected to the highest office. “[N]ot a lot of time or recourses have gone into what would go into a First Lady’s platform,” said Heidi.

“I would love to do something that focused on young girls, their self-esteem, and leadership in the world for women,” continued Heidi.

She added that “something around the concept of entrepreneurship” would likely be a part of her platform. Mrs. Cruz explained that growing up, she and her brother were engaged in a family business baking bread; this sparked her interest and fostered her understanding of business. Of course, Heidi is also a successful finance manager in her own right.

The final focus Heidi mentioned was on school choice. “I would work very hard to ensure that every child in this country had a fair and equal opportunity at a quality education,” concluded Mrs. Cruz.

Heidi, even when stacked up next to her husband—a Harvard graduate and a Constitutional lawyer turned Senator with an endless remarkable resume—is no slouch; the mild mannered mother of two is a graduate from Harvard Business School, a former George W. Bush staffer and a successful finance executive. Needless to say, the answers from Heidi, all night, were nothing short of impressive.