This Leftist City Just Banned Donald Trump, Dumping The First Amendment

On Tuesday, West Hollywood Mayor Lindsey Horvath went on a tyrannical crusade, suggesting that Donald Trump should be banned from her city all in the name of "diversity."

Extolling the virtues of her rainbow-stamped city, Horvath shared her "tolerant" views with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin (video above).

"You know, West Hollywood is a very diverse community," said Horvath. "We’re over 40 percent LGBT. We have Russian-speaking immigrants, some of whom were concentration camp survivors. We’re the first declared pro-choice city in America. Our city is very diverse, we’re very open, we’re very welcoming. And that’s the kind of community we want to continue to be."

"And the way that Donald Trump has used hate speech, his violent tactics, and systemically targeting people for their religion, for their country of origin, for their gender, is not the kind of behavior, not the kind of language that we want in our community," she added.

As Horvath mentioned, West Hollywood is essentially the LGBT capital of the country. The city’s streets are lined with gay clubs and drag queen karaoke bars. Unfortunately, the LGBT community doesn’t appear to be incredibly open-minded. Horvath is so determined to strip Trump of his free speech rights that she even instructed her city staff to refuse to issue event permits for the campaign, adding that was “well with[in] [their] right” to do so.

Like most Leftists, Horvath doesn’t understand, or simply doesn’t care about the United States Constitution.

“This isn’t about free speech, this is about hate speech,” the mayor told Baldwin, without recognizing the fact that her personal definition of hate speech falls under the protections of free speech.

When pressed by Baldwin to clarify whether she actually had the authority to tear apart the Constitution, Horvath quickly responded, "We are able and willing to exercise our voice and use our First Amendment rights to say we want to elevate the discourse here. We’re demanding civil discourse. That’s not too much to ask, certainly not of someone who’s running for the highest office in the land. He should respect the office by treating it with the respect that it deserves."

RIP First Amendment. You had a short and flamboyant life in West Hollywood. We’ll mark a grave for you right outside of the club that hosts Friday night gay go-go dancers.

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