Following the humiliating shellacking in Colorado that exposed the incompetence of Team Trump in the delegate game, The Donald is determined not to lose another round to Ted Cruz. His solution: bring in his biggest of big league surrogates: Mama Grizzly.

Last week, Trump was outplayed in Colorado, Cruz's tightly run, highly focused campaign sweeping all 34 of the states' delegates. Despite having since last August to prepare for the state, Trump was somehow caught flat-footed. Though he's been decrying the "rigged process" and "Gestapo tactics" of Cruz all week (with the help of the Drudge Report and "Trumpbart"), Trump's also been working hard on his strategy for beating back Cruz. Cue Sarah Palin.

Breitbart announced the move Wednesday:

Donald Trump is sending Sarah Palin, one of his best political surrogates, to the Wyoming Republican State Convention, in an effort to woo delegates to his campaign.

On Saturday, Wyoming State Delegates will select the remaining 14 delegates to represent the party in Cleveland. Twelve delegates were already selected at party’s county caucuses in March. Three other delegate slots go to the party’s national committeeman, national committeewoman, and the chairman of the Wyoming’s Republican Party.

Though Trump is "anxious to stop the flow of delegates to his rival," as Breitbart admits, he's already way behind, Cruz having already won nine delegates, while Trump has only managed one. As The Daily Wire reported earlier, Cruz is also already outmaneuvering Trump in Arkansas.

But no worries, Trump fans, Mama Grizzly's on the move.