New Sanders Ad Features Professional Anti-American Leftist Agitators

Featuring prominent neo-Marxist, anti-American, and racial agitators in a new 30-second campaign ad released on Saturday, Senator Bernie Sanders challenged Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton’s leftist bona fides.

Harry Belafonte, Erica Garner, Shaun King, and Linda Sarsour were all spotlighted in the ad to push Sanders’s message of racial, ethnic, and religious minorities as composing a contemporary proletariat in need of benevolent governmental protections.

“People of color have a deeply vested interest in what Bernie Sanders brings to us in this election,” says Belafonte in the ad’s introduction. Openly supporting socialist autocrats and communist dictators such as the late Hugo Chavez and Fidel Castro for decades, Belafonte’s brings iron-clad neo-Marxist credibility to the ad.

Erica Garner, the daughter of the late Eric Garner - a faux martyr of anti-American racial agitation group Black Lives Matter - then reads off the names of her father, Sandra Bland, and Michael Brown as victims of what Sanders regularly claims is widespread anti-black racism permeating American society.

Implying that Clinton is disingenuously exploiting the message of Black Lives Matter,, professional racial agitator and hoaxster Shaun King then says the aforementioned left-wing martyrs amounted to more than just Twitter movements.

Professional leftist and anti-Israel agitator Linda Sarsour closes out the ad, used as a prop to chase the phantom of “Islamophobia.”

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